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Holistic Treatments for Curing Your Dog's Ear Yeast Infection

By MiShaun Taylor

Not everyone knows that pets can suffer from yeast infections, just like their human friends. Any tissue can be host for a yeast overgrowth, given the right conditions. Those areas of your pet's body that are constantly moist are most at risk. For that reason, a dog's ears, particularly the long, floppy ears on some breeds, are prone to yeast problems. You may want to try holistic methods of avoiding and treating your dog's ear yeast infection before resorting to the more powerful OTC or prescription remedies.

First you will want to get your dog's ear infection diagnosed. Some of the treatments for dog ear yeast infections can be dangerous if your dog has a ruptured eardrum. Also, if your dog actually has mites, an embedded foreign object, or a bacterial infection, you will want to treat these with specific remedies, not rely on holistic treatments. When you have received confirmation of your dog’s yeast infection, consider trying the following holistic approaches.

White vinegar removes dirt and debris and restores a healthy balance in the ears. Dilute the vinegar, pour the recommended amount into the ear canal, allow it to soak as you massage it briefly, then wipe out excess with a soft cloth. Cleaning your dog this way once a day may help his dog ear yeast infection. When your dog’s ear is better, use this solution a few times a week to help keep your dog’s yeast infection at bay. Vinegar is a mild desiccant, a deodorizer, and since it's acidic, it promotes an environment hostile for your dog’s yeast infection.

A healthy diet is essential for optimum immune function. Giving your dog table scraps may seem like a loving act, but it just provides lots of sugar and additives that your dog doesn't need. Spend the money for high quality brand name dog food that uses high grade protein as its main ingredient.

Your dog's whole system will function better if he gets regular exercise. His heart and lungs will be healthier, his blood circulation will be more efficient, and he will sleep better.

Keep your dog's environment and bedding clean. Constantly having to fight bacteria and parasites will weaken your dog's immune system and can cause more dog ear yeast infections.

Ask your vet if you can dose your dog with Vitamin C, a proven antioxidant. Vitamin C may help your dog fend off viral and bacterial infections, as well as regulate your dog’s yeast growth.

Learn about herbs such as acidophilus and pau d'orca. Acidophilus helps promote a healthy balance of flora in the gut, inhibiting overgrowth of yeast, while pau d'orca is an anti-microbial that destroys fungi.

You don't always have to resort to powerful OTC or prescription drugs to manage your dog’s yeast problem. Try the gentler, systemic holistic approach first.